Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme Review

Like many of you (specifically moms at home) I have count on one hand how many times I have blow-dried my hair since Covid-19 started. Since most people were not going into work, it just didn’t seem worth it to go through the hoopla of blow-drying and curling/straightening it, even for one of many Zoom calls. I started just throwing my hair up in ponytails or messy buns out of the shower and calling it a day. Then on one of many trips to Target to get out of the house (anybody else do this?), I stumbled upon Kristin Ess’s Air Dry Creme and discovered gold by pure accident. She writes on the back of the product listing, “If you use only one product, use this” and she’s 100% correct. You literally wash your hair, wait until its about mid air-dried and scrunch in this creme and Voila! You get this beautifully undone-done, “how did she get that look?” texture look that Kristin Ess is so famous for giving celebrity clients like Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale. Now that I’m home with our three year old son everyday solo, I have even less time to put into a grooming routine so this is perfect for me, especially going into the warm weather. I plan on using this all summer as my go to product to give my light waves a boost of coolness with a soft (non-crunchy) feel. Buy this and let me know what you think!

Kristin Ess 2Kristin Ess 3Kristin Ess 4


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