My two go-to’s to get in my daily water intake

Like most of you, I struggle with drinking enough water on a daily basis. I am following the Weight Watchers program (loosely) and there is something so satisfying about clicking the plus button to add more water – its like checking off a to-do list item or reaching a small goal. Drinking water is so good for everything – weight control, skin, hair, digestive system, energy and focus… the list goes on. Now that its summer and getting hotter, we really need to up our intake, whether we are inside working, being active or out in the sun. I have found for me there are two main reasons why I don’t get my daily water intake: losing track of how much I’m actually drinking and boredom with the taste. If either of these are challenges for you, keep reading.

When I worked in Boston and commuted in by train, I used to start off productively – drinking a whole water bottle on my ride in, before I had my coffee. I would refill… and then forget about it. As the day went on, I would forget where I was in my daily intake and either under or overestimate how much water I was actually drinking. No bueno. I found this great water bottle from Joseph Joseph – its 20 ounces and tracks at the top of the cap how much you are drinking – problem solved! After you drink your first 20 ounces and you put the cap back on, it clicks and a white dot appears letting you know you are 1/4 done with your water goal for the day (there are 4 white dots so if you plan to drink more due to your weight or fitness needs you will have to keep track on your own after the fourth click). It comes in four colors and is really inexpensive. I had a red one at first and my son lost the cap so I bought a new one in blue. I also bought one for my best friend Kate last year because she wasn’t drinking enough water and became dehydrated. I figured visually seeing she wasn’t drinking enough with the white dots would encourage her to drink more. I put the link below to their site, but you can buy these on Amazon, as well as flash sale sites occassionally. It looks like right now the red is half off!

The second reason I don’t drink enough water regularly is… well its boring. Don’t get me wrong, after a workout, there is nothing I want more than ice cold water. But other than that, I really like flavor in my water if I can (probably why I have a love/hate relationship with sugar too). While on occasion I will add some low calorie flavor to my water like Crystal Light or TrueLemon, I prefer fruit if I have it. I will cut up fresh fruit I have like lemon, watermelon or strawberry and put it in my water, first letting it sit for a little bit to absorb the flavor. More often than not, I use frozen fruit I have on hand for smoothies, which is more enticing because usually its pineapple, mango and melon. If this sounds refreshing, you can definitely use any glass or water bottle but I prefer the ones where the fruit is contained so that I I don’t have it hitting my nose or face. The one I have is from Cool Gear but I couldn’t find it online. This is almost identical and a lot cheaper on Amazon.

Happy Sipping 🙂


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