Hi there. My name is Maureen and I’m nuts about makeup. When other little girls were playing with dolls, I was in my room perfecting my manicure skills, teaching myself how to french braid and giving my friends at-home facials- at twelve years old. Normal, right? I would constantly drive my mother crazy with cluttering up our bathroom closet with oodles of bottles of tried and forgotten hair products, foundation and nail colors. Thank goodness CVS and Sephora came out with great return policies for girls like me. My goal is to educate you on some of my findings and information about beauty along the way so that someone other than myself can benefit from this information. My style and taste when it comes to beauty is pretty simple and clean so you won’t find me reporting on trends that I find too flashy or tacky. I hope you enjoy reading and if you have a product that you want to try but are too afraid to – send me a message and I’ll try it for both of us!

Maureen kid

Here I am at an early age, checking out my pores, fine lines and wrinkles up close.

Thanks for reading!



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