Secret Weapon

October 7, 2014

When I was a little girl, my mother (a former hairdresser) led me to believe that I had thick, polka-straight hair. She would tell me this every time I told her I wanted a perm just like my best-friend in third grade. I was so envious of these bouncy, glossy tendrils. So you can imagine my surprise when in my late teens a hairdresser told me that I actually had fine, wavy hair like my dad. Kathy had lied to me all these years! And I hadn’t realized it because she had been blow-drying my hair straight my entire childhood so I never thought to question her (side note this would take place while watching new episodes of Life Goes On on the edge of my mom’s bed while she blow-dried my hair straight with an old-school Vidal Sasoon hair dryer that had a brush IN it – genius. Some of my greatest memories were sitting on the edge that bed on Sunday nights, hanging with my mom and watching what issue Becca and Corky were dealing with that week).

After learning that I actually had wavy hair that wasn’t thick (it is fine but I have a lot of it) I learned to embrace my natural wave, especially in the summer when the weather gets warmer. But I do enjoy wearing my hair straight for the most part. Here is where my secret weapon comes in. People often think I have naturally straight hair but I don’t – my straightener just does a really great job. And the best part is its simple to use and takes almost no time. I have used a ton of straighteners throughout high school, college and I confess even now I have a total of four (I know-I don’t even know why I need four) but this is the one I always go back to. I can’t take credit for finding it – I was a sophomore at college when my roommate who actually DID have really thick hair got this straightener and I tried it on myself. I was hooked instantly. Since that time I have had to only replace it once, which is pretty much unheard of. The plates are very wide, it only has one setting, and my favorite part of all – it has a comb in the straightener to keep your hair taught. I can’t say enough about this trusty thing – it really is so easy to use and holds up well year after year. The only downside is that you can’t find it in stores – you have to order it online but hopefully this review of it will  give you the push to try it if you are looking for a new straightener. Below is an image of mine but upon looking this up it looks like the exact model might be discontinued or the brand has upgraded their model to the silver one in the link below. I have a smaller version of the one below when I cut my hair short and it works just as well!

Any questions, let me know.

Happy Straightening!