Olaplex Review July 2019

Over six months ago Olaplex came on my radar – both by way of blogs and reviews from coworkers. Everyone said how amazing the Hair Perfector was and that it changed the way their hair looked and felt, especially if you colored your hair. About that time the brand also launched their shampoo and conditioner to accompany the Perfector (a treatment you put in for a minimum of ten minutes before you shampoo up to 2-3 times per week). I was extremely curious and if you know anything about me, once I get something into my head, I have to do it/have it/buy it IMMEDIATELY. I should have known I would have been disappointed when I felt this way because most things don’t meet with my expectations and then I’m underwhelmed, mostly due to my need for instant gratification and hope for the impossible – perfection.

I found the Shampoo, Conditioner and Perfector to be just “meh”, which was disappointing especially due to the price tag. Each of the three products retail for $28, which is pricey, considering their small size. Maybe it’s me and the fact that I have fine hair but I consistently found this dried my hair out instead of putting back moisture in it, something that is needed for colored hair. I didn’t see any difference with the Perfector either, no matter how long I left it on for. I got more out of Brigeo’s Repair Don’t Despair mask, which makes my hair feels so much better after using it. I have been trying to use through the remainder of the product, again due to the price tag but at this point I’m  just going to chuck it because its more harmful than helpful at this point. This just goes to show you – not everything everyone is loving is right for everyone! Hopefully reading this saves you $28 (more more)!


Have you tried any of Olaplex’s products? What did you think?